MSU Comics Forum 2009 Panel Audio

For those people (near and far) who were unable to attend the MSU Comics Forum 2009, we’re happy to provide the audio from the three Saturday panels.

Scholarly Trends in Comics Studies

Joseph Darowski (moderator), Gary Hoppenstand, & Randy Scott

The Comic Book in the (University) Classroom Panel

Ethan Watrall (Moderator), Ryan Claytor, & Joseph Darowski

Comic Book Creator Panel

Jay Jacot (moderator), Gary Scott Beatty, Ryan Claytor, Jason Howard, & David Petersen

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  1. Ethan, my name is GARY Scott Beatty (Comic Creator Panel). It wouldn’t be that big a deal except there is a Scott Beatty in comics, working with the spandex crowd. I don’t really do spandex —

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