Thursday of the 2019 MSU Comics Forum

There was an unlisted event on Thursday evening of the MSU Comics Forum.  Our MSU Special Collections Comics Bibliographer, Randy Scott, was honored with a lifetime achievement award at a surprise, invitation-only, ceremony this evening.

He was unexpectedly welcomed by collegues, friends, and out-of-state family.

Randy Scott with family:

After remarks from Comics Forum Director, Ryan Claytor, MSU English PhD Candidate, Zack Kruse, and University Librarian, Joe Salem, a video was shown with testimonials from comics scholars, creators, and librarians from around the globe:

Randy was then presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, a sand-blasted, crystal, trophy in recognition for his unparalleled accomplishment in the field of comics studies:

…and received a standing ovation on the way back to his seat.

The audience then had a chance to approach a microphone to tell randy what his accomplishment, service, and friendship meant to them.  Pictured below, standing, is John Shaw, co-worker at the MSU Main Library for more than 30 years:

Once audience remarks came to a close, refreshments and cake were served:

Thanks for your decades of dedication to comics studies, Randy.  Your life’s work will affect scholars, creators, and readers for generations to come.

One final point of clarification, this was decidedly not a retirement ceremony.  Randy is still employed and incredibly active.  At the age of 71, Randy has not announced a retirement date.

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