Save the Date for the 2010 MSU Comics Forum!

We’re happy to announce that planning for the 2010 MSU Comics Forum is well under way.  We’ll be announcing more details shortly (including our awesome keynote speaker).  Until then, mark March 26th and 27th on your calendar – and watch the site for upcoming announcements!

3 Replies to “Save the Date for the 2010 MSU Comics Forum!”

  1. Great. I’m eager to meet fellow creators. I recently moved to East Lansing and I’ve had a hard time locating writers and artists. Are there many in East Lansing? Where are they hiding?

  2. Last year was a good time, and I’m looking forward to this year. It’s happening a lot sooner than I expected. Are there plans yet for another submission contest?

  3. Good to hear form you both E.R. and Ken.

    The Submission contest was unfortunately put on hold this year. Hopefully for the next event we will be able to continue it.

    @ER – We’re all over and around the area. Come on down and get a chance to meet some of us. heck if you’d like contact me and we can talk some more.

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